VR Samurai Fighting Notes

The following are unable to use this facility
・ A person younger than 7 years old
(A person between 7 to 13 years old need permission from their parents or guardian.)
・ A person who is unable to stand up and sit down by him/herself or maintain a stable
(A person who cannot walk independently or a person with fractured or broken bone
regardless of the position)
・ A pregnant woman
・ A person who is intoxicated by alcohol and is judged not to be suitable in using the facility
or attraction
・ A person suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, or other serious illnesses
・ A person wearing a medical device, such as a pacemaker
・ A person with impaired vision or hearing
・ A person who develops muscle spasms and loss of consciousness due to light stimulation
・ A person who has other symptoms that may affect their health condition (dizziness,
claustrophobia, respiratory disease, sensitivity to noise, fear of the dark, and others)
・ A person who cannot follow the precautions at each attraction or the instruction of the
・ A person judged by the facility to cause problems in the facilities or disturb other
For customers wearing glasses
・ Depending on the shape and size of your glasses, the VR goggles may not fit, and you may
not be able to enjoy the attraction.
*We recommend using a contact lens if you have one.
・ Customers wearing bifocal glasses or bifocal contact lenses may not be able to use the
attraction comfortably.
・ The operation of the entire or part of the attraction may be changed or canceled without
prior notice due to inspection, failure, or other conditions.
・ Other than the above reasons, when the operation of the facility becomes difficult due to
an inevitable cause, such as natural disaster or others, which are not attributable to the
facility, the usage charges, transportation expenses, and accommodation expenses will not
be compensated at all.
・ We are not responsible or liable for any injury, accident, or damage, trouble, theft, or
others to accessories, such as glasses and others, while using this VR facility. However, this
shall not be limited if the problem is due to reasons that are attributable to the facility.