Overseas Ninja Show


Do you want to call ninjas to your country?

Our experienced team holds shows not only in Japan but also worldwide.
Ninjas appear in a wide range of settings such as movies, animations, mangas, and games.

Show Description
As our show is dialogue-free, anyone can enjoy our show and watch cool ninja movements and action.
We provide various types of shows that are customizable to the budget and venue size. Ceremonial photographs at the end of the show are also available at your request.
In addition, we can hold ninja classes in which children can participate.

Show time
About 30 minutes (for 5 ninjas)
3 to 5 ninjas, 1 supporting staff
Our Achievements
1) Performing Ninja Show in Japan and overseas including UAE, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.
2) Regular appearance at the Osaka Certified Ninja Show
3) Management of ninja classes in which over 30,000 children have participated to date
4) Multiple appearances on Japanese Media
Performance Fee
The performance fee depends on the content, date, and location of the show. The form below will help you with your order.

Order Flow
1) Confirm show content and schedule
2) Quote proposal
3) Order
4) 100% payment of flight fees, accommodation fees, and transportation fees. 50% of the performance fee.
5) Order confirmation
6) Departure. Meeting on the day before the show
7) Show date
8) Return
9) Payment of the remaining 50% of the performance fee.

Payment is accepted by credit card or international transfers.
A separate PayPal invoice will be issued for payments done by credit card.
*Commission fees will be applied for international transfers.
[How to cancel]
Cancellation fees will be applied according to the number of days between the date of the show and the date when the office has received the cancellation confirmation email.
[Cancellation Fee]
Cancellation fee varies depending on the day when your cancellation is completed.
●60 days before the show date: No cancellation fees will be applied.
●Between 59 and 15 days before the show date: A cancellation fee of 50% will be applied.
●Between 14 and 2 days before the show date: A cancellation fee of 80% will be applied.
●The show date: A cancellation fee of 100% will be applied.

Ninja Show Contact Form

    Number of performances per day (Mandatory)